Rent and Bills Information

The Costs of Renting – A general information guide for young people 


For tenants of Community Housing providers:

.  rent is set at 25% of your income and is payable two weeks in advance

.  it is calculated from your Proof of Income i.e. recent pay slips or a Centrelink statement

For private rental tenants:

.  rent is set at the current market rate – this means you pay the full amount

.  rent is payable two weeks in advance, with a one off bond payment, equal to four weeks rent


Gas and Electricity

As a tenant, you are responsible for your bills, so you must open an electricity and/or gas account in your own name.

This must be done close to the date you sign your lease and pay your first rent.

You are responsible for paying your own gas and electricity bills on time.

If you are living with another tenant, you will each owe a share of the bills.

Our staff can assist you in working out this process.


Telephone and Internet

If you decide to have a landline phone/internet connection, you will need to make an agreement with your co-tenant(s) on who will use it

and how it will be paid

Our staff can assist you to in deciding how you would like to manage this



You are responsible for managing your own savings for bills and other items  

Our staff can assist with managing your budget, any loans you may have and provide you with financial counselling