Your Rights and Responsibilities

Our Service is committed to respect, choice, empowerment, care and kindness towards all our clients and those we work with

Feedback –
Let us know what we can do to keep improving our service

We welcome all feedback and complaints – you have the right to complain about our Service and we will promptly respond to your concerns

Any feedback will never be held against you or in any way affect the manner in which we assist you

You may also contact the Ombudsman at

Personal Information – Policy and Consent –
In order to assist you we do need to collect some personal information and keep that information on our files
With your agreement, we may also need to disclose some of that information with other people

Our policy explains –

.  what information will be collected

.  how we will use that information; and

.  your rights regarding that information

We want to ensure that you understand these details before agreeing to share your personal information with us,

The information will we collect –
In order to assist you, we will need to collect the following information –

.  your name and date of birth
.  your current address
.  contact details e.g phone, mobile and/or email
.  your ethnic background
.  your income and work history
.  relevant medical history e.g. mental health, drug or alcohol use or other special medical needs
.  any criminal charges; and
.  other relevant information, such as,  family history, trauma, sexual identity and eviction from    previous accommodation.

Most of this information will come directly from you.  We may however need to collect information from other people, such as a nominated referee. This will only ever occur with your prior consent. 

What we will us this information for –

.  deciding whether our service is able to meet your needs
.  dealing with issues that may arise during your support period with us
.  liaising with other agencies and other people involved in your care; and
.  any others matters directly related to the service we provide to you

 What are your rights in relation your personal information? –

.  except in very limited circumstances (recognised under privacy legislation), and upon request,    we allow client’s access to their file.
.  let us know if any information about you is incorrect – we will change that information or note on    your file what you have told us
.  your file is always securely stored – only our staff have access to your details
.  we seek a signed undertaking from all our employees that all client information is kept strictly    confidential
.  client information is only ever used for purposes authorised by this policy
.  How long do we keep your personal information?
.  we will retain your file for a period of two years after you stop receiving support from us or until      you turn 25 (whichever occurs first)
.  after this period your file is disposed of in a secure manner

Your agreement with this policy –

.  if deciding to use our service after receiving a copy of the personal information policy, it is    because you agree with the terms of the policy

.  never hesitate to ask us at any time if you have any questions or concerns 

  For clients of the service the following rules apply –

.  no criminal activity

.  there is to be no use of illegal drugs in any provided accommodation or at the service’s office

.  no consumption of alcohol by anyone under 18 years of age in or around the accommodation

.  a zero tolerance policy to any violence – this includes verbal abuse or physical threats to others 

.  no sexism or racism – no discrimination against another person due to their gender, sexuality or

.  Smoking is not allowed in all accommodation.